Auditions 2017

RSYO Auditions for the 2017-18 season are scheduled for Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Application Procedure:

1. Please read the 2017-18 Audition Announcement and 2017-18 Audition Requirements RSYO documents linked below.

2. Complete the online “Reading Symphony Youth Orchestra Membership Application Form” below.

3. Please print and mail the completed 2017-18 Signature Page along with a check in the amount of $20.00 to the RSO office as directed on the form.  This will complete your application.

If you would prefer a printed application or if you have any questions, please call the RSO office at 610-373-7557.  Audition times will be e-mailed at least one week prior to the audition date. Audition times will be sent by mail to those without internet access.

If you have questions about the audition process, please email or call the RSO office at 610-373-7557.

All RSYO applications are due May 22, 2017.

2017-18 Audition Announcement

2017-18 Audition Requirements RSYO

2017-18 Signature Page

Auditions for the RSJSO are scheduled for Saturday, August 26, 2017 with applications being due August 4, 2017.

This form is only for the RSYO (grades 9-12 as of September 2017).  RSJSO applicants (grades 4-8) should go to the RSJSO web page at

Please note: It is recommended that you use either a laptop or desktop computer to complete the the Online RSYO Application Form as some persons have had difficulty using smart phones or tablets.

The application process is now closed. Please call the office at 610-373-7557 if you have any questions.